Part 1 : Cyclical sectors as focus during market bottoming – Bank stocks | Fundamental Analysis

Ever since Dec 2011, Singapore Straits Times Index (STI) has managed to U-turn from the lows of 2600 to the current consolidation at 2900-3000. Cyclical sectors are typically the first ti be deeply corrected but also the few which will rally once the market has consolidated our of its bottom.

In the 3 part series, lets take a quick overview of the 3 popular cyclical sectors – Banking, Offshore & Marine and Commodity related stocks.

For the banking sector. the 3 highest cap stocks are DBS, OCBC, UOB.

1) Price/NAV : OCBC > UOB > DBS [Premium to business assets – lower better]

2) PE : DBS > OCBC > UOB [Premium to earnings – lower better]

3) Price/52 weeks low : DBS > UOB > OCBC [Extent of recovery from its low – lower better]

4) Price/52 weeks high : OCBC > DBS > UOB [Extent of correction from its high lower better]


Fundamentally, UOB looks to be a more valued play.


Bullish divergence was seen in UOB at Aug 2011 & Dec 2011. Prices were seen consolidating at current $17.6, of which, overbought levels are seen for all the indicators. The next significant resistance will be at $18.60 and short-term price pullback will be towards $16.6.

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