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I have always marveled about the astonishing building structures of Marina Bay Sands Singapore especially when I was there to attend an Expo event with my team of colleagues. Targeting at affluent crowds, one would expect the aplenty luxury boutiques. But the food court is way to crowded during peak lunch hours. I have no choice but to explore other cafe alternatives.


20110526 - Coffee Bean Logo

After much stroll down the long stretch of walkway, I was pleasantly greeted by one of my favorite coffee cafe – Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. This store is slightly different vs the regular cafe within other malls. Well decorated with good ambience and attended by professional waitresses (thus comes with service fee above your food bills).

More importantly, there is an option to take up their weekday set lunches which allows you to choose from a variety of pasta or main courses and you will get the accompanying soup & beverage (tea/coffee).

20110526 - Coffee Bean Aglio Olio - pic 1

I had the chicken cream soup. Though the presentation is normal, the soup is rich and tasty.

20110526 - Coffee Bean Aglio Olio - Pic 2

A slight pity is the choice of a very simple & regular glass cup for the coffee. I would prefer something more unique to match the ambience. Coffee is also served with warm milk, personally served.

20110526 - Coffee Bean Aglio Olio - Pic 3

Finally, the main dish which I ordered – Coffee Bean Aglio Olio. The overall presentation was simple and clean. Flavor was just right and good tinge of olive and garlic, with slight spice. However, I would prefer the spaghetti to be more cooked. Another possible improvement is to have seafood served with the dish which will make the dish alittle more complete.

20110526 - Coffee Bean Aglio Olio - Pic 4

That said, the overall enjoyment and satisfaction for the dish is there. Considering the lunch set to cost S$14 (excl gst/service fee), it is pretty decently priced.






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