New Starbucks Refreshers – Coffee with a new twist to traditional flavour | Food Review

Recently I have managed to pass by a local Starbucks outlet and have the chance to savour their new invention – Starbucks Refreshers with the innovative promise of getting the usual refresh of coffee but with whole new fruity experience.


Unlike the usual process of roasting the green coffee to obtain the bold rich aromatic coffee flavour, Starbucks has invented a process to extract the coffee essence from green coffee – Green Coffee Extract. With the extract, 2 fruity concoctions are made available to promise the refreshing approach to coffee consumption.

Tried that together with my colleague and we kinda like the new flavour. Cool lime has a tinge of mint but delivers a more varied after taste. Very Berry Hibiscus has a light sweet rose body and has right sweetness level. It has definitely bring a different level of coffee appreciation for hard core coffee lovers like myself.


Hit for the stores and try one for yourself!

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