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The last round when I was done with the shopping at Centrepoint, Singapore, I was given few vouchers for Haagen Daz dining. One good point about Haagen Daz outlet in Centrepoint is the comfortable seating and friendly waitresses. So, I decided to pop in to have a quick bite and rest before carrying on with walking and shopping.

20110428  Haagen Daz Singapore Food  Pic 4

I love coffee and this dish will definitely catch my attention. One has to pour the piping hot Expresso Coffee into the cup served with a scoop of the inhouse Haagen Daz vanilla ice cream.

20110428  Haagen Daz Singapore Food  Pic

The taste is unexpectedly remarkable! Aromatic coffee taste and the richness of the vanilla cream – very nice blend of 2 extreme taste. Within minutes, I slurped the whole great mixture!

20110428  Haagen Daz Singapore Food  Pic 1

We also tried a whole mixture of chocolate ice cream, delivered in a nice presentation. Not a great fan of chocolate, I only find them pretty standard and normal, but the presentation is neat.

20110428  Haagen Daz Singapore Food  Pic 2

Next time when you are shopping in Centrepoint, especially after long walks and window shopping, do pop into the Haagen Daz ice cream outlet and give a try!

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