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Osia Restaurant is located within the vibrant Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore and it is one of the best restaurants within the island across the green city. Osia Restaurant is the creation of celebrity chef Scott Webster and features fresh Australian produce presented in innovative ways. The restaurant was previously named one of Singapore’s “Best New Restaurants” by the Singapore Tatler and CNN Go.

RWS Osia Restaurant - signboard
Osia features innovative and contemporary Australian cooking using fresh seasonal ingredients. It has a clean elegant decor which creates a casual but chic atmosphere.

RWS Osia Restaurant - main entrance view

The open-kitchen concept is also impressive – simplicity and clean with fine lines and uncluttered preparation areas.

RWS Osia Restaurant - inside restaurant (view 1)

RWS Osia Restaurant - Open Kitchen view

The comfortable interior and good sound acoustics is perfect for mini discussion over a business lunch or a quiet date among couples.

RWS Osia Restaurant - inside restaurant (view 3)

RWS Osia Restaurant - inside restaurant (view 2)


My family visited the restaurant during a festive afternoon and we decided to try out their special lunch set menu.

RWS Osia Restaurant - table setup

Having a quick glance at the menu, the 3 course meal is set a very reasonable price. But most importantly, will the food & presentation be as good?

RWS Osia Restaurant - set lunch menu

[Stone Hearth Flat Bread S$11]

This Stone Hearth Flat Bread is served with extra virgin olive oil, butter and dip. Truffled Kalamata Olive and Macadamia Pesto are named to be the hot favourites here. We thoroughly enjoyed the fluffiness of the hot bread when it was first served.

RWS Osia Restaurant - Stone Hearth Flat Bread


[Green Split Pea]

This pea soup has a rich texture of potato blend. This will be ideal for those who love soup with thick texture and the best part, the flavour of the pea is not too empowering.

RWS Osia Restaurant - Green Split Pea soup


[Beef Tenderloin]

The meat is well mixed with herbs and garlic. This is one good appetiser to savour the freshness of the meat similar to a sashimi style.

RWS Osia Restaurant - Beef Tenderloin


[Fjord Trout]

This was our favourite appetiser for that meal. Looks simple but the surprising part is the sauce. Light lemon tangerine touch to ignite the taste buds for the subsequent dishes.

RWS Osia Restaurant - Fjord Trout


[Mud Crab]

Surprisingly the pine nuts blend well with the tomato based sauce which the flavour is further enhanced with the sweetness of fresh crab meat. Definitely its a must for those who love pasta and this also suited well for my kid who always look out for non-spicy dishes.

RWS Osia Restaurant - Mud Crab


[Lamb Rump]

The meat was well beautifully prepared without the much dreaded taste of typical lamb. That said, I would think the portion is tad too little for normal diners especially guys.

RWS Osia Restaurant - Lamb Rump


[Chicken Leg]

This dish is my favourite for that night. The flavours are well locked into the meat and one can clearly enjoy the char flavour of the grill. The red wine sauce further enhanced the overall delight to the taste buds.

RWS Osia Restaurant - Chicken Leg


[Vairhona Chocolate Soup]

We were pleasantly surprised when the chocolate dessert was served – it was not a regular soup as per our imagination. But rather, it was a scoop of black pepper vanilla ice cream with sesame crisp to accompany a cup of hot molten Valrhona chocolate under a thin layer of chocolate lava cake.


RWS Osia Restaurant - Vairhona Hot Chocolate Soup (2)

The lunch ended well in a pleasant note with this aromatic long black.

RWS Osia Restaurant - Long Black coffee
Overall Rating (1 – lowest/worst, 5 – highest/very good):
a. Location : 3 (Located within the RWS, not too accessible unless you take a tram or car into the island)
b. Food : 4 (Nice presentation and good quality)
c. Service : 4 (Reasonable waiting time for the dishes. Good service by the staff who bother to explain how the dishes were prepared)
d. Ambience & Setup : 5 (Nice ambience and classy interior setup. Ideal for gathering or business occasions)
e. Price : 4 (Decent set meal prices. Ala carte prices are also decent in view of the good food quality)


RWS Osia Restaurant - Festive Walk location view
Location: Festive Walk, Resort World Sentosa
Lunch (daily):
12pm – 2.30pm
(Last order at 2.15pm)

Dinner (daily):
6pm – 10.30pm
(Last order at 10pm)

Reservation: +65 6577 6560 / osia@rwsentosa.com

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