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This is my first time visiting Gu Ma Jia (姑妈家) – a local restaurant situated at one corner off MacPherson area. It is here that me and my family members celebrated this year Mother’s Day with my Mum-in-Law (MIL).

Gu Ma Jia (姑妈家) - store front.

Despite the very simple setup, the service and quality of food are top notch. It is of no surprise why they have won several awards for the past few years. If you are looking for a variety of home cook cuisines at very decent prices, they have them here.

These were the sumptous spread we last had there:

DISH #1 – Cold Dish 冷盘

Gu Ma Jia (姑妈家) - Cold Dish 冷盘

DISH #2 – Assam Snapper

Gu Ma Jia (姑妈家) - Assam Snapper

DISH #3 – Superior Sauce Prawn 鼓油皇虾

Gu Ma Jia (姑妈家) - Superior Sauce Prawn 鼓油皇虾

DISH #4 – Fortune Chicken 富贵鸡

Gu Ma Jia (姑妈家) - Fortune Chicken 富贵鸡

DISH #5 – Broccoli with Sea Cucumber Chinese Mushroom 海参冬菇西兰花

Gu Ma Jia (姑妈家) - Broccoli with Sea Cucumber Chinese Mushroom 海参冬菇西兰花

DISH #6 – Yam Ring Pork Ribs 芋圈排骨

Gu Ma Jia (姑妈家) - Yam Ring Pork Ribs 芋圈排骨

DISH #7 – Gu Ma Traditional Beancurd Soup 姑妈老豆腐汤

Gu Ma Traditional Beancurd Soup 姑妈老豆腐汤

DISH #8 – Beancurd Sheet Dessert with Gingko 百果腐竹糖水

Beancurd Sheet Dessert with Gingko 百果腐竹糖水


Some of the other interesting menu:

Gu Ma Jia (姑妈家) - menu1


Location of the Restaurant:

Gu Ma Jia (姑妈家)
45 Tai Thong Crescent
Singapore 347866

Tel :+65 6285 2023
Fax : +65 6285 6367
Email :
Website : 

Location of Gu Ma Jia (姑妈家)


Overall Rating (1 – lowest/worst, 5 – highest/very good):

a. Location – 3 : Some distance away from the nearest Potong Pasir MRT. Street carpark parking is limited
b. Food : 4
c. Service : 4.5
d. Ambience & Setup : 3.5 : Has the traditional local setup. Well air conditioned place
e. Price : 3.5 : Do try their nice unique recipes

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