Chef Daniel’s Kitchen at Iluma – Food Review / Guide – Singapore

I am always fascinated by the celebrity Chef Daniel who is able to whip delicious dishes from basic raw materials when he appeared on various TV shows. One fine day, I finally decide to bring the whole family to visit his flagship shop Chef Daniel’s Kitchen @ Iluma Level 7. His kitchen was huge, as big as the main hall which is fully air conditioned.

We had the CNY speciality – 6 course dinner:

a) Scallop Lou Hei Yusheng – crunchy veg with nicely blended sauces. Portion is huge for one pax as individual serving.

b) Oven-roasted Spring Chicken Roulade – Chicken is very tender, likely the use of spring chicken helps.

c) Steamed Gindara – Cod fish served at correct texture and rid of the usual fishy taste without any use of traditional herbs / ginger. Blends well with the teriyaki sauce.

d) Deep fried prawns with butter oat – Tiger prawns were used, quite a bargain!

e) Pan fried Foie Gras – I don’t really like Foie Gras, but this is well prepared and it tasted like tou-fu!

f) Mango Pudding and Pomelo Coulis – Regular desert, sweetness just right.

The place is cosy and we could also enjoy the performance of a live band! Best of all, price is very decent. S$60 per pax!

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