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In my earlier post, I last shared about the XBox 360 Kinect sensor stand which helps to elevate it to an appropriate height instead of finding a temporary cabinet. But it can get a little unsightly if it is to be placed on long term usage, especially if your living room is meant to be minimalistic. Thus, I laid my hands on this new XBox 360 Kinect sensor TV bracket holder which allow you to mount on your flat screen LCD / LED TV instead. Since the sensor can automatically detect and adjust the IR beaming angle, it works as good as the stand but without the unsightly poles.

20110501 - xbox 360 kinect - pic 1

Assembly is very straightforward with just 3 simple parts:

20110501 - XBox 360 Kinect Sensor stand - pic 3

Looks cool when mounted on the actual LCD TV panel:

XBox 360 Kinect sensor

Adjustable depth to fit all thickness of the LCD/LED TVs:

IMG 0196

IMG 0197

The XBox 360 Kinect Sensor is mounted sturdy on the bracket:

IMG 0198

You can get the XBox 360 Kinect sensor TV bracket here.

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