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Leveraging on latest technology, luxury products manufacturer Montblanc recently introduced the new Montblanc e-Tag – a key fob that protects personal belongings against loss or theft.

Montblanc eTag - retail packaging

Montblanc eTag - unboxed

The Montblanc e-Tag key fob combines the timeless design of Montblanc leather accessories with new technology. Attach the e-Tag key fob to an item of value and it will connect via Bluetooth to your iPhone in order to prevent the item being stolen or lost.

Montblanc eTag - full kit accessories

Crafted from European full-grain cowhide, the trackable key fob is available in classic Meisterstück black with a unique deep shine, soft grain black or soft grain blue leather, and engraved the Montblanc name and emblem on the key ring.

Montblanc eTag - front view

Montblanc eTag - back view

The Bluetooth connected e-Tag is easy to manage through the Montblanc iPhone application.

Montblanc eTag - setup - initiate pairing

Montblanc eTag - setup - pair process

Montblanc eTag - assign tag name

Montblanc eTag - setup completion

Key functions of the e-Tag include:

a.Locate: You can locate items with an e-Tag attached within your proximity.

b.Range alarm: If the e-Tag is moved out of your proximity the phone will sound an alarm by playing a special Montblanc melody. The app will navigate you to the e-Tag’s last seen location.

c.Motion alarm: If your e-Tag is moved, an alarm is raised. This signal, which goes off immediately, means you maintain full control of your items

d.Reconnect alarm: Your phone notifies you if your e-Tag comes back into range, for example when your checked luggage arrives on the carousel.

Montblanc eTag - motion detection

Montblanc eTag - app settings

Montblanc eTag - Add Safe Zone

Montblanc eTag - with keys


For more information, you can refer to the Montblanc eTag User Manual.

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