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Over the weekend, I managed to get this new innovative product from Aztech. Simple concept but goes a long way to help us reduce our carbon footprint.



Aztech PSC100 S-Plug is a powersaving plug that automatically switches off attached electronic devices which are in standby mode.

Appliances on standby mode still consume electricity, even though they are not actually on. Aztech S-Plug intelligently turns off the standby mode automatically to save power and lower electricity bills.

Image 002

Setting it up is pretty straightforward:

a. Connect the series of appliances (including the main remote controlled device e.g. TV) onto the Aztech S-Plug

Image 003

b. Learn the IR ‘power on’ on the remote for the primary device

c. Put all the connected devices in standby mode

d. Activate learning mode for Aztech S-Plug

e. Done. The S-plug will automatically cut off the electricity when all connected devices in standby mode for 15 seconds. One can turn on the S-Plug by using the same remote to turn on the primary device.

Image 004


Technically, there should be decent energy saving but will check against the monthly power bill when it comes!

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