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Amazon has released its newest update for the Kindle Fire.


The software update V6.2.1 offers the following features (vs the previous v6.2)

You can now remove books, apps or other content from the carousel of recently used items on the home screen.

Scrolling is smoother.

There’s an option to require a password to turn on WiFi (which could help prevent kids from purchasing apps without a parents’ permission).

It’s now also possible to remove the Facebook app which comes pre-installed with the Kindle Fire.

Amazon is rolling out the software update automatically to Kindle Fire users and there is no way to block the updates when the Kindle is connected online via Wifi.

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Observed the new ‘Restriction’ option created in the new 6.2.1 Kindle firmware update.

Unfortunately, the update also prevents you from rooting your Kindle Fire with one-click rooting apps. This includes programs like SuperOneClick and Kindle Fire Utility.

After much wait, Android Police and Rootzwiki have released an all new root tool for the Kindle Fire called BurritoRoot that works not just for older versions of Kindle Fire’s software but also for the latest version:

Step 1: Download [RootzWiki and Android Police’s root tool apk] and store in downloads directory.
Step 2: Download [KindleFireRootMacLinuxV2] and extract its contents (assuming into the same default downloads directory).
Step 3: Start Mac Terminal
Step 4: Connect the Kindle 
Step 5: Execute these command lines:

./adb-mac root
./adb-mac remount
./adb-mac push su /system/xbin/su
./adb-mac shell chown 0.0 /system/xbin/su
./adb-mac shell chmod 06755 /system/xbin/su
./adb-mac install kindleroot_androidpolic.apk 
./adb-mac install
./adb-mac reboot

Step 6: Remove Kindle from USB
Step 7: Execute Android Police App & select ‘Root’

Img 2

Img 3

You can run the RootExplorer to double confirm the ‘SuperUser’ level to be able to mount /system/app as RW.

All the required files:

KindleFireRoot bundle for Mac V2

Android Police Root App

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