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RIM’s results of the past three months are $239 million, as compared to the $695 million in the previous quarter or $797 million at the same time, last year. This has triggered worries among investors, sending its stock price plummeting by 22% on intraday lows last Friday (16th September 2011).

In order to have a decent financial profit turnaround, RIM has to:

1) Stop relying heavily on Enterprise
2) Bring in New Management, seriously good business acumen ones. The management are more technical professionals.
3) Improve its eco-system : BlackBerry App World is like the sad broken-down amusement
4) Make Sure QNX Works Right
5) Focus on BlackBerry 7 for shorter term for QNX to pick up and plug the earning gaps.

Sometime back, RIM stock rallied on the news of Blackberry 7 from below $20 to $30 just before the results announcement. RIM also adjusted its original forecast of $7.90 EPS to $5.25 EPS. But, till date for 3Qs, it has delivered a total of $3.43, short of $1.80 EPS for Q4. This will be challenging in view of stiffer competition from the releases of new Android & iPhone handsets.

On technical front, thought RIM stock has corrected by 18% after results announcement, the worst is yet to come. The gap down has established a strong resistance at $25 and the next resistance will be at $30. Oversold signals have increased sharply and there should be some level of bargain hunting. But unless the promised value is delivered, its share price will still be under pressure for a longer term basis.
















Perhaps the near term good news is 10.6 million BlackBerry smartphones have been sold in the last three months. Plus, their newly launched BlackBerry OS 7 has been well received so far, and that might further help in boosting RIM’s sales and hence, profits.

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