Have a sip of coffee and let Winbot 950 settle the window cleaning chore for you! | IT Gadget Review

Designed and produced by Ecovacs, the WinBot 950 promises to automate the tedious and sometimes dangerous task of window washing.


The Winbot 950 works by affixing itself to a pane of glass, using an inbuilt fan for suction, like a vacuum, and moving itself around with a pair of rubber tank treads.

Surrounding the fan and treads is a circular squeegee, and then a removable, washable, microfiber cloth that you spritz with a spray window cleaner.

There are edge sensors in the corner and a handle on top with a start/pause button. The best part about the WinBot is that it will auto-navigate for the best cleaning path on a specific window pane. Using patented laser technology, the device plots the window and determines the most effective cleaning path based off of this initial mapping.

Winbot 950 is rather large — about 30cm square and 2.2kg. Though it must be plugged in to maintain sufficient suction to keep it attached, it does have enough battery power to keep itself on the window for 15 minutes, should power go out amid cleaning.


The 4m long power cord provides sufficient length for Winbot to do the job of cleaning any typical sized window panes found in most homes. It also comes with a tether which fixes to the Winbot at one end and to glass on the other, using a large suction cup to enable one to clean external window panes located at high floors.


– Multiple sensors help WINBOT 950 detect obstacles
– Fast cleaning
– Can be controlled with a remote controller
– High-tech suction fan and 4-stage cleaning system
– Cleans all sorts of glass surfaces
– Efficient proprietary navigation system

– Would prefer a smaller size to clean small panes
– Noise from vacuum suction is distinct but tolerable

Winbot 950 is indeed a god sent window-cleaning robot that guarantees no streaks or spots. Just plug in the smart robot and watch it hit every hard-to-reach corner of your dirty windows to leave them spotless clean.

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