​ EZLink launched one of the first EZlink based fitness tracker – now you can run and commute without a wallet! | IT Gadgets Review


In this modern day, wearables have already starting to be part of our daily lives, helping us to be more active and healthy. Singapore EZlink saw this trend and partnered with Watchdata to develop a customized version of EZlink Fitness tracker.
Modeled as Sharkey B1, this EZLink Fitness tracker looks like any wrist based band tracker. The retail set comes with an accompanying black band, USB charging dock and instruction manual.
Alongside with the MiBand 1, both bands look seemingly identical. The EZlink Fitness tracker does come with a Superman / Batman surface printed band.
The main tracker (white capsule) can be easily dislodged from the band. It comes with two metal contact points at one end which can be attached to the USB charging dock.
Setting up the EZLink Fitness band is pretty straightforward:
a. Install the Watchdata app
b. Setup a new Watchdata account
c. Connect the tracker via Bluetooth
d. Configure remaining settings e.g. Customized name for your band
With the in-built chip, one can easily top up the EZLink stored value at any of the official EZlink reloading machines e.g. at MRT control stations.
Once the value is pre-loaded, one can start traveling on the train without the need to take out any card and just need to flash tap your wrist band.
The fitness tracker is designed to track walking, running and even sleeping activities. I brought the tracker to one of my regular run circuit to test it out. Compared to the steps recorded by another control tracker (Fitbit Zip), it was seen that the EZLink Fitness tracker did not categorise the steps accurately – most of the run steps are wrongly classified as walking steps. Moreover, the total number of steps were also inflated (9173 vs 6507).
The recorded data can be subsequently synced back to the phone via the Watchdata app. One card also set events alarms or calls notification through vibration via the Watchdata app.
a. Great idea to in build EZlink into a portable tracker. One can commute around in buses or trains without carrying extra cards / cash
b. Affordable Fitness tracker to start a healthier lifestyle
c. Programmable vibration based alerts (Calls, In-coming messages, alarms etc)
d. Splash proof
e. Fast to charge (full charge in 1hr)
a. Lack of visual indicators on the tracker
b. Tracker needs better calibrations as the recorded data can be quite inflated in some situations
c. Only comes in one colored band i.e. Black
If you are looking a no frill Fitness tracker with portable EZlink feature to commute around, this Fitness band should be your best bet. Any more sophisticated features, you should be better with a proper smart wearable.

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