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Apple Watch Series 4 debuted on 12th September in Cupertino, and is now substantially redesigned – upgraded internally and equipped with a range of new health and fitness features.

Unboxing the new Watch:

The Apple Watch Series 4 comes in a brand new packaging style – different from what we are used with the previous iterations of the smartwatch.

Instead of the square box for the Stainless Steel Apple Watch, the company decided to go with a rectangular box. The outer packaging opens up and reveals the Apple Watch artwork in different models and colors. There are two boxes stacked together- one with the main product and the other housing the watch band.



Inside the main box, you will find the Apple Watch Series 4 placed inside a sleek protective fabric sleeve. Other than this, you will also find the charging brick and the charging cord along with paperwork.


Display & Size:

The Series 4’s expanded display is its most obvious value proposition. Apple has stripped away the bezels and brought the screen nearly to the edges on both models. The display now has rounded edges just like on the iPhone XS.

Apple has revamped its apps toto take advantage of the extra space. Complications, or the compatible apps can be quickly accessed at the same time. One can check messages, see the time, and evaluate calendar events all in the same pane.


The larger model now comes with a 44mm screen, up from 42mm, and the smaller version’s previously 38mm screen is now 40mm. Good news is that all existing bands will be compatible with the new Watch.


The screen offer Force Touch and 1000 nits of brightness. This is vital for ensuring you can comfortably read whatever’s on the watch even if you’re running in intense sunlight.


The Side button, used to invoke Apple Pay through a double-press, for instance, no longer protrudes from the edge of the Watch. It sits so perfectly level with the rest of the case that you can barely feel it’s there, even if you rub your finger along it.


Colours & Materials:

The Series 4 is available in stainless steel or aluminium; the all-ceramic Edition offering has been quietly dropped. The aluminium models are available in silver, gold and Space Grey. If you go for stainless steel your options are ‘polished’, Space Black and a new gold.


The back of the device is now made of black ceramic and sapphire crystal, which should help when it comes to cellular reception.


Digital Crown

The device’s digital crown on the side has a new haptic feedback feature to make it feel like a better wheel. the Digital Crown now has a red ring, not a glowing dot.


(Left-most : Series 1, 2nd : Series 2, 3rd : Series 3, Right-most : Series 4)

It also comes with a new speaker that’s louder to facilitate better phone call sound.

Health and Fitness:

The new version has an electrical heart-rate sensor, which, combined with an FDA-cleared ECG app, is capable of diagnosing atrial fibrillation.


The Series 4 also has a next-generation accelerometer and gyroscope, which can detect motion and impact if you turn on the watch’s new Fall Detection feature. If you remain motionless for a minute after falling, your watch will dial emergency services for you.



The new S4 processor that has dual-core processing power and should offer two-times better performance than the previous model.


Always feels great to wear
Screen is gorgeous
Huge amount of strap options
Fantastic array of fitness and health features

Full charge will only last a max of 2 days
ECG measurement is currently available in US
Pricey for the top end stainless steel models



(Left-most : Series 1, 2nd : Series 2, 3rd : Series 3, Right-most : Series 4)


In summary, if you currently own the Series 3, the upgrade may not be so compelling until the ECG is officially supported. Though a bigger, bezel-less screen and the new gold colour offering might give you a quick nudge. If you are having Series 1 or 2 Apple Watch or looking to have a fitness smartwatch to begin with, then this new Series 4 Apple Watch should be worth exploring.


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