First in Singapore Telco Industry – $20 of additional mobile data for only $20 with Circles Life! Stand aside M1, SingTel and Starhub | Deals and Offers

Singapore local telco – Circles.Life has just launched their new option. Now subscribers can add extra 20gb of solid data to their existing plan (as low as $28) for a mere S$20. No gimmick and no disclaimers indeed!

Before this, Circles.Life has introduced various exciting services e.g. no frill online registration, loyalty programme, referral bonus programme, no frill self service configuration of mobile plan through their mobile app.

If you look around the other telcos in Singapore for similar data offering at similar pricing, you can be quite disappointed.

However, if you are the traditional hardcore talktime user, this new data upsizing option will not be suitable. In any case, Circles.Life business is designed more for the millennials who live and thrive on data usage.

I can imagine with this new god-send $20 add on for $20gb, one can forget about searching for Wifi hotspots.

Keen to switch over and sign up a new Circles.Life plan? You can use this referral code – E63Z6 – to enjoy S$20 off your new line registration & extra 200mb data with Circles.Life!

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