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It is once again, the annual event which millions would not miss – new iPhone launch! This time round, Apple has ‘bowed’ to the mass calling to have a phablet. Or is it truly what they have mentioned that it is an opportune time when they have finally got the hardware & software ready for the launch?



Similar to the other countries identified by Apple for the first wave of retail launch of the new iPhone 6, Singapore has her fair share of craze. I happened to chance by the winding queue outside Somerset 313 a day before the launch, even under the hot sun.

iPhone6 launch queue

If you study into the specifications, it is pretty obvious that the larger iPhone 6 Plus has a bigger battery & screen size compared to the smaller brother – iPhone 6

iPhone6vs6Plus Specs

Indeed, the official battery life span can be as much as doubled if you are using it for music. But most of us will be spending much time on surfing or watching video. Thus, the additional juice should up the full charge battery lasting duration by approximately 15-40%.

iPhone6vs6Plus Battery Life

In my full day test, indeed I am happy for the iPhone 6 Plus to last from 8am till 8pm on a full charged basis at the start of the morning. This is based on a 60% internet/apps, 20% calls, 10% video, 10% texting. Quite a feat here, considering a similar usage on my previous iPhone 5S will only last till 2pm.

IMG 4833 IMG 4827 IMG 4828 

This time round, John Ive has chosen a simplistic design to the packaging. Full white box with subtle embossing of the iPhone image on the top of the box. While the ‘iPhone’ word runs by the side, carrying a tinge of the colour based on that for the iPhone.

IMG 4837


IMG 4838

The accessories are the same as previous iPhones.

IMG 4839

From the far, the front does look like iPhone 5S. But the back is quite distinctive with the matt bands running across the top & bottom section.

This time round, the white bands for the gold iPhone 6 / 6 Plus are very contrasting, at least not to my visual taste.

IMG 4840 

Putting both the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus alongside, one can be wowed by the bigger 5.5” screen size.

 IMG 4829

Personally, for iPhone 6, the silver & grey looks much classier than the gold. This time round, the gold has greater yellow tinge than the predecessor.

IMG 4830

But after a few days of serious usage, I can provide some quick layman pointers to help you decide which model you should head for:

Go for iPhone 6 if you need/wish to:
a. Operate with one hand (especially ladies)
b. Fit the phone in one’s pocket (prone to bending as illustrated by some bloggers recently)
c. Use comfortably during Sports (running or tracking)
d. Can’t wait to Get the new iPhone now (as it is more abundant in supply) 

Go for iPhone 6 Plus if you need/wish to:
a. Longer battery life
b. Larger screen to watch video or apps usage
c. GPS navigation (in car or on streets)
d. Video recording (am convinced on superior hardware video stabilisation)
e. Sharper screen resolution (400dpi vs 320 dpi)
f. Do not have any existing tablet & use this as a phone + tablet


That said, nothing beats than to be down at the retail shop to feel them yourself.

Lastly, after tried the whole spectrum of smartphone OS, I must say, Apple is now more ready for a phablet launch with its inaugural iPhone 6 Plus – better battery life, bevelled & thinner for better one hand grip. The touchID does help to unlock the phone without hassle of pin codes or rolling fingerprints like the Samsung phones.

IMG 4841

Illustrated above (from extreme left to right):

a. Lumia 530 (dual sim)
b. iPhone 5C
c. iPhone 5S
d. iPhone 6
e. Xiaomi Redmi Note
f. iPhone 6 Plus 

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