How to Take Profits, Cut Losses and Benefit from Price Declines | Dr. Alexander Elder | New Books Review

I have been following and reading most of Dr. Alexander Elder’s books e.g. ‘Come to my Trading Room’. In this latest 2011 release – ‘How to Take Profits, Cut Losses and Benefit from Price Declines’ which is an expanded second edition with more illustrations on calculated risk entires and tight stop losses. Unlike other authors, he is straight to the point and his books are easy to read with many case examples and best of all, colored charts with annotations.


IMG 0001


There are a total of 10 chapters in 4 main parts:

A) Psychology, Risk Management & Record Keeping
B) How to Sell
C) How to Sell Short
D) Lessons of the Bear Market

IMG 0002

For those who readily short using Futures, CFDs and Options, this is definitely one good book to start with. It is not available in SG local bookstores but you can order via his own website which I did. And I have his private signature on it too with the book delivered 2 weeks after my reservist period 🙂

Have fun reading! [ISBN : 978-0-470-63239-053995]

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