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During the most awaited WWDC 2011 Conference, Apple announces the iOS 5 for the iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch.

iOS5 Logo

So what’s new with new updated version of the iOS? Here is the checklist of just a few major updates of the 200 new features:

A) New iPad hidden gestures
– Swipe four or five fingers to the left or to the right to navigate through open applications

– Swipe four fingers up to access the running apps tray and playback buttons, including Airplay controls

– Pinch with all your fingers to go to the home screen from any app, without touching your home button

iOS5 Gestures control

B) Productivity related Improvements:
– Activate via iCloud account instead of existing PC method

– Quick Camera launch from Lockscreen

iOS5 lockscreen

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– Ability to create and delete Photo albums

– Ability to edit photos

iOS5 Edit Photo

– Wireless iTunes Sync & Backup using iCloud Service

– New Private Browsing option in Safari

iOS5 Private Browsing

– Alternate Routes in Maps

iOS5 Alternative Map Routes

– View Purchase History in App Store to re-download and install

iOS5 App Purchase History

– Take pictures using Volume button

– Mail notifies you before sending a mail if you’ve forgotten to put a subject line

– Rich Text Editing in mail & Draggable email addresses, which allows to drag and drop email addresses into to, cc and bcc fields

iOS5 Rich Text Email

– You can choose multiple Emails and mark them as read- In Calendar month view, besides tapping on the ‘+’ button to add an event, you can also tap and hold on any day

– Facetime works without having a SIM card on your phone

C) Hardware related Improvements:
– Ability to both decode and encode 1080p video on the fly through third-party apps

iOS5 HD Encode & Decode

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– Over the Air (OTA) Software updates to phone iOS version

– Ability to add custom vibrations

iOS5 custom vibration

– LED Flash for Alerts

D) New Apps created within new iOS5:
– Notification Centre

iOS5 Notification Centre

– iMessage allows you to communicate between the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad for free

iOS5 iMessage

– Unlike in-app subscriptions, the new Newsstand is a direct line between magazines and newspapers to your iOS device

iOS5 NewsStand

– Twitter Integration to as an added ‘Share’ function for Safari, Photos, Camera YouTube and Maps

iOS5 Twitter Integration

– The Usage screen now shows how much of the memory is consumed by each app

– PhotoStream to disseminate new photos to all sync-ed devices

iOS PhotoStream

– The new Reminders app makes it easy to make to-do lists and it’s synchronized between iOS 5 devices and your Mac OS X desktop or notebook- Dictionary everywhere and accessible by all the apps

iOS5 Reminders

– All new Game Centre which includes Achievement points, Access friends of friends, Photos in your profile, to play with whoever wants to play with you at any given time, Game downloads within Game Center & Support for turn-based games like Words for Friends and Scrabble

E) Cosmetics & Visual Improvements:

– Updated Lockscreen

– New Welcome Screen for first time user

iOS5 Welcome Screen

– iPod app is renamed to Music with new icon

– SMS bubbles are green in color and iMessage appears baby blue

– New Twitter keyboard with # and @ buttons

– New and updated tiny icons on Mail for Windows Live Mail, Gmail, Exchange etc.

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