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As usual, I am down for one of the regular technology roadshows in Singapore. This time round, Google is exhibiting their suite of Google Apps for Businesses & Enterprises. Here are some of their most adopted tools by new SMEs or Enterprises:

20110616 - Google Apps for Enterprise

A) Google Email (aka Microsoft Exchange in the cloud)

– Provides Email, IM, voice and video chat

– Allow Anytime, anywhere access to your email

– Able to Sync with Android, iPhone & BlackBerrySearch and find emails instantly

– Ensure the user will get less Spam


B) Google Calendar

– Allow easily schedule appointments

– Able to Integrate with your email system

– Let the user Share project calendars

– Allow Access with mobile devices

– Able to Publish calendars for greater collaborations


C) Google Docs (aka Microsoft Office in the cloud)

– Allow Anytime, anywhere access to your work

– Works across operating systems & standard document Formats

– Let the user Easily upload and share files

– Empower user to set Secure access controls


D) Google Sites (aka Microsoft Sharepoint in the cloud)

– Organize information in a central place

– Allow Anytime, anywhere access

– Works across operating systems

– Able to set System and site-level security controls


Co-incidentally, it was held at St. Regis Hotel, one of the classier hotels in Singapore. I had the chance to savor on their finger food and simply loved the seaweed with tuna sashimi (1st pic). I would anticipate the food in their flagship restaurant will be equally good flavored and offered good visual presentation.

IMG 0302

IMG 0303

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