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Back in Nov 2015, Xiaomi introduced the Mi Pad 2 tablet device at an event in China alongside with the Redmi Note 3. It is the latest successor to Mi Pad with better build and updated specifications. Like its predecessor, the new model is made in several colors – gold, silver and pink. I last had my hands on the gold version.

Mi Pad 2 (小米平板2) - Main Image

Mi Pad 2 (小米平板2) - Goods arrival

Mi Pad 2 (小米平板2) - Packaging

Mi Pad 2 (小米平板2) - Unboxed

The full contents within the retail box:

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 tablet
2-pin Charger (5V-2A)
USB Type-C to Type-A cable

Mi Pad 2 (小米平板2) - Unboxed with Accessories

Without much doubt, The Mi Pad 2 has a very similar design as the Apple’s iPad mini with metal build and rounded edges. It has a sleek aluminium back and has a 7.9-inch display upfront with an overall compact form factor at 6.95mm thick and 1.5mm slimmer than the original Mi Pad.

Mi Pad 2 (小米平板2) - back

Mi Pad 2 is also very lightweight at 322g and it is 38g lighter than the previous Mi Pad by 38 grams. The aluminium back has matte finish, so it doesn’t attract smudges and also it doesn’t slip off your hands.

Mi Pad 2 (小米平板2) - bottom view

Mi Pad 2 (小米平板2) - right edge view

On the right edge, there lies the volume rocker and power key. While the 3.5mm audio jack is on the top edge, left corner. The USB Type-C port is located at the centre of the bottom edge.

Mi Pad 2 (小米平板2) - top view

The Mi branding is right above the two speakers grills located on the back bottom.

Mi Pad 2 (小米平板2) - bottom stereo speakers

Above display sits the front 5-megapixel camera in center with ambient light sensor. The ‘Mi’ logo is on the left corner and LED notification light is on the right.

Mi Pad 2 (小米平板2) - front view

Under the screen with a diagonal of 7.9 inches are located three touch-sensitive keys, which are equipped with lights.

Mi Pad 2 (小米平板2) - begin setup

The display is very sharp and impressive. It has great viewing angles with excellent brightness as well as contrast levels – which mean you will not have problems under direct sunlight on full brightness. The ambient light sensor works great as well.

Mi Pad 2 (小米平板2) - begin setup 2

The Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 packs a 6010mAh non-removable battery which is slightly smaller than the previous Mi Pad. It promises a 12.5 hours on full multimedia usage though it should last 8 to 9 hours on typical usage with internet access.

Mi Pad 2 - AnTuTu Benchmark

Mi Pad 2 - Geekbench 3

Overall, the Mi Pad 2 tablet is a great value for money device. There is a great build with high-end display. You can get a tablet with premium design but at a very reasonable price. There is also a big battery and fast charging support with future proof USB Type-C.

The Mi Pad 2 with 16 GB of storage is priced at USD 156, while the 64 GB model will cost USD 197.


a. Unibody metal body design
b. Sharp and good quality display panel
c. Good performance (even for mainstream tablet games)
d. Loud and clear speaker – decent sound quality
e. Future proof with Type C usb port which also supports fast charging


a, No cellular version i.e.No SIM card slot for 4G/3G capabilities and voice calling
b. No microSD card expansion
c. No flash for camera
d. China export set does not come with Google Play Store (although it is quite easy to install one)

More information can be found here.

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