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Just got your brand new OnePlus 2 handset and looking for a reliable case to protect the new toy against scratches and drop impacts? Fret not, OtterBox case for OnePlus 2 is one of the good solution out there in the market.

OtterBox case for OnePlus 2 is custom-designed to provide superior dual-layer protection against bumps, drops and shock. Confidently handle your phone on the go with a secure and slim case that easily slides into your back pocket.

OtterBox for OnePlus 2 - Main Image

OtterBox Asia - Tagline

Just managed to get my hands on these new cases from OtterBox Asia. The OtterBox case for OnePlus 2 comes in 4 colours – Snow Fire (White-Red as shown below), Night Shadow (Blue-Black as shown below), Glacier and Black.

OtterBox for OnePlus 2 - full series

It is said that the design is largely inspired by qi, a traditional philosophy of balance and life force. The case features a spiral-patterned internal layer with multiple vents on the outer shell, integrating innovative technology with inspiring ancient principles.

OtterBox for OnePlus 2 - Unboxed (Red)

Personally, the white back casing with inner red suggestions does look refreshing and youthful while the Night Shadow below passes off as more professional for the working professionals.

OtterBox for OnePlus 2 - Unboxed (Blue)

OtterBox for OnePlus 2 - Red - Setup starts

The case comes in 2 segments – a) Synthetic rubber internal slipcover and b) Exterior polycarbonate shell.

OtterBox for OnePlus 2 - Red - Setup - 2 layers separation

OtterBox for OnePlus 2 - Red - Setup - 2 layers separated

Both the segments are made with good quality materials. The polycarbonate feels sturdy and does not attract those annoying fingerprints even with prolonged usage. The inner synthetic ‘silicon feel’ slipover hugs the OnePlus 2 holding the phone right in place to provide the needed cushioning.

OtterBox for OnePlus 2 - Red - Setup - inner layer up

Unlike some of the other protection cases offered in the market, OtterBox cases are made with simplicity in mind. It is pretty straightforward to assemble these cases without much effort and I must say the overall cutting is precise – no more and no less.

OtterBox for OnePlus 2 - Red - Setup - outer layer up

OtterBox for OnePlus 2 - Red - Setup - assembled

OtterBox for OnePlus 2 - Blue - Front view

With some beveled opening for the camera area, it does prevent scratches on the camera lenses. A quick test on the camera shots confirmed no undesirable halo lighting produced which some cases do suffer such issues.

OtterBox for OnePlus 2 - Red - Back

The openings at the bottom are well catered to the stereo sound output and allowing the standard USB Type C cable to  be inserted for phone charging.

OtterBox for OnePlus 2 - Red - bottom

OtterBox for OnePlus 2 - Red - bottom with charging cable

Overall, the phone with the OtterBox case feels secured in the grip. The rubber sides provide the required friction to reduce the chances of the phone slipping off the grip, while the back polycarbonate surface provides a silky feel and yet not creating a fingerprint magnet. My only gripe is that the elevated edge at the fingerprint sensor does obstruct the placement of the thumb especially if the person has a rather large one.

OtterBox for OnePlus 2 - Red - Grip test

OtterBox for OnePlus 2 - Blue - Camera area

OtterBox for OnePlus 2 - Blue - Right Side

OtterBox for OnePlus 2 - Blue - Left Side

In short, some of the key features for the Otterbox case are:

a. Dual-layer construction
b. Protects against bumps, drops and shock
c. Pocket-friendly slim design
d. Multiple vent design
e. 1-year limited warranty

There is also an interesting video to demonstrate how the Otterbox case help the OnePlus 2 to survive a drop – totally unscathed:
A Fun Drone Video with OnePlus2:

So which colour will you be getting for your new OnePlus 2?

As for the sports lovers, there is even the Otterbox UNIVERSAL ARMBAND.

The silicone flex cradle fits all smartphones including the new OnePlus 2. I have last tried to squeeze in the OnePlus 2 with the Otterbox case on. Though its little overstretched but the phone stayed well in place while I proceeded with my regular run. Indeed it lived up to their claim – ‘…Trust in our rugged OtterBox Armband to complement your lifestyle. No matter the adventure, OtterBox Armband provides unweathered freedom!’

OtterBox Sports Armband - unboxed

OtterBox Sports Armband - full kits

OtterBox Sports Armband - assembled

OtterBox Sports Armband - wear it test

Besides the support for the new OnePlus 2, Otterbox also has produced cases with numerous types and designs to cater all preferences, supporting most of the mainstream smartphone manufacturers shown below. Do head over to their online website to find out more!

OtterBox - range of cases

About OtterBox:
Starting in 1998 with a line of dry boxes, OtterBox has evolved into the No. 1-selling case for smartphones in the U.S. and a global leader in mobile device protection.* Its diverse lineup of protective solutions for smartphone and tablet devices is the result of precision engineering, diligent testing and continual technological advancement, giving technology users the confidence to make the most of their mobile world. OtterBox is an eight-time honoree on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in the U.S. and was named one of “America’s Most Promising Companies” by Forbes Magazine. The company is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colo., with offices in San Diego; Boston; Cork, Ireland; and Hong Kong.

For more information, visit

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*Note: No. 1-selling smartphone case source: The NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service: Cell Phone Device Protection/Units Sold 4/2014 – 3/2015

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