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Finally on 29th September, Sony launched its first ever handheld tablet – Sony SGPT111 / SGPT112 and I was present at Marina Bay Sands Art Museum to witness this great event.

Sony Tablet S 16

Sony Tablet S project manager gave a quick overview of the tablet in the midst of other Sony products – Sony Bravia and Sony DVD receiver.

Sony Tablet S 35

A quick demo was performed to illustrate the key functionalities and I am amazed of how the Sony Tablet S was able to play video and music directly to a DNLA enabled TV.

Sony Tablet S

I had a chance to participate in their ‘inspiration’ area to play around with this new gadget.

Sony Tablet S 47

I must say, the UI response is pretty good, comparable with the new Samsung Tab 10.2 or Motorola Xoom. This is due to a similar adoption of the new Android Honeycomb 3.1 OS.

Sony Tablet S 25

I am also impressed with the wedge design of the tablet profile which was touted to give a better weight distribution when one is holding the tablet with one hand. It also allows the tablet to be place at an elevation on any flat table top.

Sony Tablet S 34

The specifications for Sony Tablet SGPT111 SGPT112 are:

Sony Tablet S  Specs


– Ergonomics
– Player interoperable with DLNA certified devices (e.g. TV, Speakers etc)
– Progressive loading of webpage elements (i.e. do not wait for all elements to load before reading)
– IR port with built in remote control program to control most IR-enabled equipments
– Comes with SD slot for storage expansion


– Feels cheap due to plastic casing
– Easily attracts fingerprints
– Potrait to Landscape toggle is laggy
– Not very competitively priced (16GB wifi retails at S$668)

In summary, if you do not own any existing tablet and wish to get an Android tablet, this new Sony Tablet S is ideal. Else, it is still not a good replacement for the iPad.

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