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Every time I pass by the Kiddy Palace toy section, I cannot stop scrutinizing the new Boggle Flash game. Word games have always been one of my favorite games, regardless of its form – digital or the traditional board type.

Finally, I decided to buy it last weekend for a not-cheap price tag of S$50. With that you get cubes with digital display and a portable storage board.

Slide, move & shuffle to find words fast! Line up the tile cubes, press go, and race to find as many words as possible from the letters shown in 90 seconds.

When you put tiles together, the smart link technology recognizes the words and keeps score. Boggle flash provides an amazingly addictive play experience that you won’t want to put down! That’s why after a few games with my kid, I do not regret paying for the technology and the fun!

At the end of each game, it will show you the number of correct unique words you have formed successfully.

And that is against the database of total valid permutations for the given letters.

Three games can be played with the Scrabble Flash cubes.

1) In “Flash,” players try to find as many three- to five-letter words as possible using the letters shown on the tiles. Five seconds are added to the play clock for every five-letter word formed.

2) “Five Letter Flash” has players rushing to find the one five-letter word that uses the letters shown on the tiles. The game continues if the correct word is unscrambled.

3) “Pass Flash” challenges players to take turns forming five-letter words.

I am sure, if you are tired of Word for Friends or Hanging for Friends, do find a chance to play with this with your friends or kids to enjoy this great game!

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