Tasting Hello Kitty 中菜軒 in Hong Kong – nice Chinese cuisines as good as her looks? | Food Review | Hong Kong

[Hong Kong, Yau Ma Tei] World first Hello Kitty Chinese restaurant (中菜軒) is now located round the quiet street at Canton Road in Kowloon. Even after a week of official launch, fans of Hello Kitty still form queues outside the nice red front teahouse, patiently and eagerly waiting for their turn to savour those cute Kitty dishes. I was there too to take a peek of this already popular spot.

Hello Kitty Chinese Restaurant in HK - dinner queue

From the exterior to the interior of the teahouse, it is decorated with those cute Kitties. One cannot stop snapping photos of those cute cutleries, table tops, extra large figurines and even the lamps.

Hello Kitty Chinese Restaurant in HK - Inside the restaurantHello Kitty Chinese Restaurant in HK - Table topHello Kitty Chinese Restaurant in HK - Full sized KittyHello Kitty Chinese Restaurant in HK - Kitty lamp

Apart from serving those Hello Kitty themed Chinese cuisines, the restaurant also serves regular Hong Kong based chinese food. But be prepared to fork out bucks as those nice kitty dishes do not come cheap.

Hello Kitty Chinese Restaurant in HK - Food MenuHello Kitty Chinese Restaurant in HK - Food Menu 3Hello Kitty Chinese Restaurant in HK - Food Menu 2

Personally, I felt that the buns did not taste as good as it looks. The skin was not fluffy enough and the filling was not sufficient. For the Hong Kong Hello Kitty Restaurant – 虾饺, the skin was too thick and tasted like those factory made ones sold in supermarts. This is perhaps those highly decorated dishes were prepared in advance.

Hello Kitty Chinese Restaurant in HK - 流沙包Hello Kitty Chinese Restaurant in HK - 马拉糕Hong Kong Hello Kitty Restaurant - 虾饺

We also ordered some main dishes. The rice dish (翡翠虾球蛋白饭) was disappointingly blend. Even the deep fried vemicilli basket of (XO鲜虾球) was not crispy enough.

Hong Kong Hello Kitty Chinese Restaurant - 翡翠虾球蛋白饭Hong Kong Hello Kitty Restaurant - XO鲜虾球

However, the remaining dishes (stir fried beef, stir fried brocolli and steamed minced meat) did help to save the night:

Hong Kong Hello Kitty Restaurant - stir fried beefHong Kong Hello Kitty Restaurant - steamed minced porkHong Kong Hello Kitty Restaurant - stir fried brocolli with scallop

For those Hello Kitty fans, you can also purchase Hello Kitty mechandise which are uniquely sold in the restaurant.

Hong Kong Hello Kitty Restaurant - special merchandise

a. Exit from Jordan MTR C2 exit

b. Walk through the famous Lady Street (女人街) all the way to the end

c. Past by the Municipal Services building and round the corner of Canton Road

Hong Kong Hello Kitty Restaurant - namecardHong Kong Hello Kitty Restaurant - location mapHong Kong Hello Kitty Restaurant - exit Jordan C2Hong Kong Hello Kitty Restaurant - Walk through Ladies StreetHong Kong Hello Kitty Restaurant - past through Municipal Services Building

For a land of Dim Sum and numerous small eateries around Jordan which serves delicious local food, I would think this restaurant is overly hyped. No doubt it is one food spot to visit for avid Hello Kitty fans, but one can definitely get much better food elsewhere down the Jordan/Yau Ma Tei streets at the same cost or even cheaper.

Overall Rating (1 – lowest/worst, 5 – highest/very good):

a. Location : 4 – Located near Jordan MTR train station.
b. Food : 3 – The Hello Kitty themed cuisines were disappointing, though the regular dishes were pretty normal.
c. Service : 4 – Friendly & prompt.
d. Ambience & Setup : 4 : Nicely decorated. Can be alittle noisy, typical of a regular HK teahouse.
e. Price : 2 – Not cheap considering the less than favorable taste.

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