The Peak (Hong Kong Island) – Tour Review / Guides – Hong Kong

One key attraction which you cannot miss when you are at Hong Kong Island – The Peak. From the Central MTR station, you can take a slow 10 mins stroll to the Peak Tram station within the Central business district area. It is highly recommended you aim to reach the tram station by 4:45pm so that you can catch the final glimpse of 360 degree round the island before sunset on the Peak observatory tower. Thereafter, you can await the fall of the night and get ready your camera to shoot the night scene. Beware, the winds can be pretty strong and hold tight your cameras and belongings.

I was thrilled to find one of my favorite US food chain – Bubba Gump Restaurant. I would strongly recommend to give it a try especially the Original Clam Chowder and the Orleans Shrimps. Quality is well maintained and the low lid environment, you can get to see in full perspective the night horizon right from the restaurant. House pour wines are cheap too at HK$50-70.

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