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Search Analytics for your site is the latest eBook which I last bought. Operating a online website has its advantage above traditional brick&mortar setup – Measurability. Any organization that has a searchable web site or intranet is sitting on top of hugely valuable and usually under-exploited data: logs that capture what users are searching for, how often each query was searched, and how many results each query retrieved.


Search queries are gold: they are real data that show us exactly what users are searching for in their own words. This book shows you how to use search analytics to carry on a conversation with your customers: listen to and understand their needs, and improve your content, navigation and search performance to meet those needs.

Table of Contents:

CHAPTER 1 – How Site Search Analytics Can Save Your Butt

CHAPTER 2 – Site Search Analytics in a Nutshell

CHAPTER 3 – Pattern Analysis

CHAPTER 4 – Failure Analysis

CHAPTER 5 – Session Analysis

CHAPTER 6 – Audience Analysis

CHAPTER 7 – Goal-Based Analysis

CHAPTER 8 – Practical Tips for Improving Search

CHAPTER 9 – Practical Tips for Improving Site Navigation and Metadata

CHAPTER 10 – Practical Tips for Improving Content

CHAPTER 11 – Bridging Web Analytics and User Experience

Other Book Information:

Title: Search Analytics for Your Site

By: Louis Rosenfeld

Publisher: Rosenfeld Media

Pages : 224

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-933820-04-0


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