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I still remembered when I was young, one of the few toys which I played was Lego. So when this toy caught my attention, I decided to recover some reminiscence with it together with my kid. Nanoblock which originated from Japan manufactured by the company named Kawado (, is very similar to Lego. Except the blocks are extremely small but once you have assembled them, the output can be quite impressive. It has a wide selection of world buildings, animals and special characters.

It comes in 2 forms : Boxed version and Zip-locked package. The latter is a simpler version.

Img0 1

It comes with a colored illustration with step-by-step instructions which one can follow to assemble the kit.

Img0 3

Do refer to the ‘Level’ grading on the cover to gauge how complex the assembly can be. A level 4 version can easily require your attention for 1.5 hours. Personally, I would recommend this toy to young kids to train their patience and polish their perspective orientation (in 3D view).

Img0 13

Some of the nanoblocks which my kid (6+ yrs) has assembled with occasional help from me:

Img0 5Img0 7Img0 9Img0 21

Img0 11Img0 12Img0 15Img0 17Img0 19Img0 23

If you are interested to get one to try, you can get them at these stores:
– Takashimaya L3 toy section
– PageOne bookstore (Vivocity)
– Borders @ Parkway Parade

Have fun!


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