OSIM uDivine (Review) – where technology meets physical relief

It has been almost 5 years since I last invested in a decent massage chair from OSIM – iMedic. It has served me well considering its durability through daily usage.

Now, with such good offer to trade in this old chair for a new one, there is no reason to say no especially it is for the ‘King’ per se. I reckon it should serve us well for another 4 years minimally. So is it worth it after initial trial? Read on…

Pic a. uDivine media pic

Pic b. uDivine unpacked!

Pic c. My old iMedic

Key improvements:

  • 3D massage – hand & bum side above the other standard body areas
  • Hook up iPod/iPhone or other MP3 players to enjoy music channelled to side speakers within the seat capsule
  • Improved leg massage with heat, similar to the standalone uSqueeze
  • Neat & contained, able to hide the leg portion
  • Bum massage has improved significantly
  • More pre-programmed modes and colour LCD control display
  • Comparable to competitive brands at much lesser costs
  • Shoulder massage rollers are greatly improved
  • Ease of temp removal of padding sections for cleaning

Full specifications can be found at http://www.osim.com/uDivine/index.html#/product-detail

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