Lotus Notes Traveller Review (Apple iOS vs Google Android Froyo)

Ever since I have installed the mobile version of Lotus Notes Traveller on my iPad, mails processing productivity has greatly improved. No need to brig around the office laptop or be tied down by restrictive VPN connectivity.

Lately, I have installed the trial version of Lotus Notes Traveller on my new Samsung Tab with Froyo 2.2. Now I am even more mobile with the palm sized device with office mails connectivity.

So what is the key difference between the two?

Lotus Notes Traveller on Apple iOS (iPad)

  • Integrated with MS Exchange (need to JB if u need to install Google Exchange & Lotus Notes Exchange)
  • Quick exchange lookup for all corporate email contacts
  • Multi-line default signature
  • Integrated calendar with all other accounts entries
  • Always connected PUSH
  • Able to process & view calendar invites/reschedules from native calendar app

Lotus Notes Traveller on Android Froyo 2.2 (Samsung Tab)

  • Separate mail app, good if you wish to separate office inbox with your other personal mailboxes
  • Separate calendar app
  • Separate app to lookup contacts w/o composing new email
  • Able to define PUSH freq by differently for peak hours and off-peak hours. Great battery management
  • Support action(s) on multiple selected mail entries

Both platform offers very similar functions with slight variations. Ultimately, all the basic mail processing/calendering functions are present.

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