Mobee Magic Charger for Apple Magic Mouse – Review

One thing I dread about is the changing of used batteries for my Apple magic mouse. I have tried to use rechargeable batteries and even have backup batteries to standby. But nothing as cool as this device to allow the mouse to be charged when you are not using it.

When there is a promo to get the Mobee Magic Charger at a 25% discount, I decided to get one and rid the trouble of changing batteries once and for all. Packaging is neat, one piece of rechargeable battery, charging bay and USB cable. The battery fits snuggly into the magic mouse battery slot. Once connected, the magic mouse can be placed on the bay and the charging can commence immediately withou cables – wirelessly via induction charging.

Cool! No doubt why it was awarded the RedDot Design Award 2011 with MacWorld recommendation of 5 Stars. Battery life is slated for 500 charging cycles, full charging time is 6 hours. More specifications can be found at

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