Share A Coca Cola has arrived in Singapore – Own your personalised can of Coke now! | New Arrival

Now you can get your own Personalised can of coke. The very innovative ‘Share A Coke’ campaign which has taken a wave in the States have arrived in Singapore.

Share A Coca Cola - Banner

Out of pure fun, I’ve decided to head down to one of their roadshows at Raffles City. Getting your desired personalised name on the coke can is pretty straightforward – punch in a maximum 12 characters name on the digital screen and voila! The personalised can will be ready within 5-10 mins.

Share A Coca Cola - Event booth

Share A Coca Cola - entering the characters

Share A Coca Cola - Getting started

Share A Coca Cola - Printed Cans

This is my very own Coke Can – pretty cool right?!

Share A Coca Cola - My own can

The ‘Share A Coke’ campaign roadshows are still on. Do head down to these venues and have one printed out for your own. The key caveat – you need to produce a receipt of min S$10 spend for Coke products to redeem a single customised can of coke.

Share a Coke - Event timing and venues

For more information, do refer to the Singapore Share A Coke website.

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