Nice & Unique food at Ngong Ping 360 (昂坪360) – Food Review – Hong Kong

It was a long wait (at least 1 hr in the cable car ride queue) before I set my legs on the ground of the Ngong Ping Village situated high up in one of the tall mountains of Lantou Island, Hong Kong. With strong cold winds at that elevation, I immediately hunt for some good warm food to recharge. I passed by the first food store (City Delights) and was attracted by the piping hot fish balls (Curry & Honey versions). But after tasting the unique ‘Egg Ball waffles’, I would strongly recommend you give it a try – Cheap and good taste. Hollow centred, rich waffle taste.

Apart from the posh looking food outlets & restaurants, there are a couple of village-ran food stores. This stewed white carrot (radish) with sweet sauce caught my attention. Yet another cheap & good food, piping hot to rejuvenate me before my climb up the 250 steps stairs towards the Buddha site.

Walking mid distance from the arrival area, there will be a strong aroma of barbecued cuttlefish fragrance floating in the air. It taste good both with and without the chilli powder. Freshly bbq-ed and sliced before serving for takeaways.

These are just some highlights among the other known eateries – Subway, Korean/Chinese restaurants…

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