3 Wireless Mobile Internet Access 3G in Hong Kong – Surf on the move / tour / APN setup (Review)

For singapore travelers like us will always be concern on data connectivity & charges when we visit other countries. Many thanks to those who have given their inputs on how to be connected when you are in Hong Kong. Do read on to find how how you can have wireless mobile internet 3G access in Hong Kong without incurring huge data roaming charges.

I have used the following equipments to set up a wifi tethered 3G access:

1) Huawei E5830 (3.6mbps throughput, charging with USB>mini-USB port)

2) Mili 2000mAh backup battery (AC charging with mini-USB port)

With these 2 on hand, you should have on the move access (light surf, check-ins, FB/Twitters etc) for as long as 12 hrs until your next recharge in hotel.

You can also get prepaid data cards right from the Airport or those convenience stores (Mini-Store, 7 Eleven etc). Personally, I have purchased 3 Wireless Data Card (APN code : mobile.three.com.hk). For HK$198 (first purchase $98 + top up $100, you should be able to have unlimited data usage for 5 full days.

Last advise, if you are an iPhone 4 user, do remember to turn off roaming data when you leave Singapore Airport:

Settings > General > Network > ‘Cellular Data’ to OFF

Enjoy your trip & vacation!

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