Tune4Mac – Rip iTunes Rental Movies, Convert to DVD quality mp4 or mov (Software Review)

Now renting a new movie from Apple iTunes Store is fast & easy – US$3.99 to US$4.99. With Tune4Mac (Windows version is also available), you can easily rip / convert rented movies and saved to your HDD for subsequent replay. The best part, the DVD quality is retained. Have tried and a full conversion with my Macbook Air takes appx 30mins (for 1 hr+ long movie). There is no audio/video sync issue and playback is crystal clear! It has other capabilities to convert to multiple video formats and preset profiles for iPad / iPod / iPhone / AppleTV etc


1) Rent / Buy movie using iTunes

2) Install & run Tune4Mac (it will prompt a reload of iTunes – to load its APIs)

3) Add movie files or manually locate rented .mpv from iTunes Music Library folder

4) Convert

5) Sit back & enjoy the replay

Useful Links:

1) http://www.tune4mac.com/

* Note: This post does not have any bearing to piracy and is meant for research purposes. Please continue to support disc royalties and respect copyrights.

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