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I have tried a few variations of SSD driven laptop and netbook in the past and have to compromise much performance with the needed portability. Not until I lay my hands on this latest refresh version of Macbook Air. Things to consider before getting one:

1) The memory is soldered on – by default its 1-2GB from the retail boxes. Go for the 4GB version, to be customised online

2) The 13″ version offer better screen resolution vs the smaller 11″ version

3) Keyboard is not a backlit version – One cannot work in a dim environment

4) Power adaptor is the 45W version vs the regular 60W version for the mainstream 13-15″

Great like about Macbook Air:

a) Good battery endurance – 4/5hrs on a moderate usage mode (60% wireless surfing,10% word processing, 15% games, 15% mails)

b) Very negligible heat emission when long usage on lap

c) 5 second to boot into the Mac OSX. Never experienced elsewhere on laptops

d) General apps loads much faster than my prev 13″ macbook pro & iMac.

e) Civilisation V runs perfectly well in native Mac OS X

Overall, it is one of the good buys for me and I should be bringing it along for my upcoming tour!

* Full specifications can be found here –

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